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BERKO: Bond Prices (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: I have eight long-term maturity bonds from eight different public companies, each with coupons between 5.5 percent and 5.65 percent. They are all rated BBB, which is still bank-quality, and I paid about $10,000 for each bond. ...

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BERKO: The Eye of the Fire (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: About four years ago, I bought 200 shares of FireEye at $53, and two months later, it had fallen to $33. You said to sell it because the underwriters were a “crock of crooks” and told me ...

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BERKO: Investing in British Banks (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: Most American banks have recovered from the Great Recession. But banks in the United Kingdom have not. I have $30,000 to invest, and I’d thank you for a recommendation of three British banks for my individual retirement ...

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BERKO: Uber and Zoetis (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker insists that Uber, which is valued at $120 billion, will come public in the second quarter of 2019. He doesn’t have a price yet but promises he could get at least 100 shares at the ...

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BERKO: A Young Man in Debt (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: Last year, our handsome 31-year-old son finished his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida with a specialty in biology and ecology. We’re so proud of him! He got a job down here in Florida at $38,000 ...

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BERKO: Above and beyond (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: Because of my husband’s business, we recently had to buy a life insurance policy on him, and we decided to use Prudential. Unlike other life insurance salesmen we met, this man was very professional. He also advised ...

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