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BERKO: Investment Down Under (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: I know the Australian economy because, before my divorce, we lived there for 14 years. I made a good living and managed to save over $135,000 American. I was in the booming construction business, and in my ...

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BERKO: Keep AT&T (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: I’m a 41-year-old happily married woman with two boys. Before my dad passed away in late 2008, he invested $60,000 and bought 2,300 shares of AT&T at $26 a share for me. He told me to keep ...

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BERKO: Buy More Apple? (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker had me buy 200 shares of Apple last November at $221. His firm has a bullish report that says Apple will turn back to my purchase price in the coming six months, and he wants ...

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BERKO: Cheap Stocks (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: I’d like to speculate with about $30,000 and buy six or seven stocks selling for less than $10. Could you recommend some cheap issues that have a chance of doubling in price over the next few years? ...

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