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The life aquatic

Oceanfront condos are so passé these days.

The modern high roller owns a unit that’s actually on the water. For that, there’s Residential Ocean Liners Inc., which claims to be the world’s only residential ocean liner builder.

We could not determine where the company is based, but it has a $5 billion ocean liner with 165 private residences for sale.

How much do you have to drop for one of those dwellings? Well, a one-bedroom, 325-square-foot unit goes for about $208,000, while the more spacious 750-square-foot abodes are priced at just less than $481,000. For those who like to spread out a little more, the 8,375-foot “Luxury Estate” comes in at a little more than $10 million.

Featured amenities: an onboard casino, fitness center, bowling alley, basketball court, 18-hole natural grass golf course, movie theater, tennis courts, go-cart track and roller coaster.

The company claims it’s developing seven of these ships — they’re dubbed the “Seven Wonders of the Seas”– which will take residents on a global trip every year.

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