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How to remove a tree stump (access required)

So you removed that old or diseased tree from your property. That’s one problem solved … but now you’re left with a second dilemma: How to remove the tree stump? Check out this list of practical solutions. First: Why remove ...

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Fireplace smells in the summer (access required)

The other day I visited a young couple who’d recently bought their first home — a fixer-upper with good bones and an affordable price. They were feeling pretty pleased with their purchase. Until they noticed a smell of burning. Worriedly, ...

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How to choose a bed (access required)

What’s the most important piece of furniture you’ll ever buy? IMHO, your bed heads the list. That’s where you spend approximately one-third of your time … and the quality of your night’s sleep affects all your waking hours. That’s why ...

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