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I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday… (access required)

Renters can pull a J. Wellington Wimpy when it comes to paying the landlord. Dilly-dalliers, for example, rely on unsigned or bounced checks, incurring fees to stall management’s reckoning. Then there are the excusers. According to the website thelpa.com, tenants ...

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Buyer beware (access required)

Things got really heated at a recent real estate auction of properties that were in tax default in Marin County, Calif. Bidding escalated at a frantic pace for one parcel with an assessed value of $4,000, spiraling way above the ...

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Study: Foreclosure bad for your health (access required)

Another consequence of the foreclosure crisis is higher blood pressure. A research study published in the American Heart Association’s journal “Circulation” found that living close to a foreclosed home can increase a person’s chance of developing high blood pressure. While ...

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