Sep 20, 2023

GOLDMAN: Working out while working up the org chart 

Ever feel you’re working with a bunch of dumbbells? You don’t know the half of it. According to “The Hottest New Office is the Gym,” a recent article by Anne Marie Chaker […]

Sep 20, 2023

MARGENAU: When in doubt — file a claim 

Regular readers of this column know that one of the messages I preach is this: “You have every right to file a claim for any kind of Social Security benefit […]

Sep 12, 2023

MARGENAU: Disability myths 

There are so many misconceptions about the Social Security disability program. I’ve written a book called “Social Security: 100 Myths and 100 Facts.” It puts to rest all the crazy […]

Sep 7, 2023

GOLDMAN: Is quitting work too much work? 

Hooray! You’ve decided to quit your job. Now all you have to do is march into your manager’s office and let them have it — the insults you’ve suffered, the unfair […]

Sep 7, 2023

MARGENAU: Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice 

Do any of you remember the movie: “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice?” It came out in 1969 and starred Robert Culp and Natalie Wood as a trendy West […]

Aug 29, 2023

GOLDMAN: How to hop, skip and jump your way to success 

Really, I don’t know what’s wrong with young people today. Give a 20- or 30-something a horrible job with a terrible boss and a miserable salary and a zero-point-zero chance for […]

Aug 29, 2023

MARGENAU: Going to the top is the wrong way 

Let’s say you own a Honda Civic and you’ve got a problem with it. Maybe it leaks oil, or maybe it has trouble starting. Would you go to Honda’s headquarters […]

Aug 24, 2023

GOLDMAN: Want to succeed in your career? Ask a mushroom. 

Let’s face it: Working in an office is unnatural. Our prehistoric ancestors didn’t spend their days in cubicles. No, Nancy and Nick Neanderthal didn’t punch in or sign in or strive […]

Aug 15, 2023

GOLDMAN: Getting suspicious about being ambitious? 

Remember the you, you used to be? When it came to your career, you were hardworking. Dedicated. Ambitious to the max. Yes, that was then. This is now, and now, things have […]

Aug 10, 2023

GOLDMAN: Want to earn a lot more? Think a lot less. 

Ever wonder what’s holding you back at work? It could be something you do when you’re not at work. Thinking. Thinking about how you’re falling behind in your projects. Thinking about how a […]

Aug 3, 2023

GOLDMAN: The officeless paper 

I know. You’re afraid of AI. If you’re only mildly paranoid, you’re afraid artificial intelligence will take your job. If you’re majorly paranoid, like the rest of us, you’re afraid it will […]

Jul 27, 2023

GOLDMAN: It’s lonely at the bottom 

It was Elvis who did it. You remember, I’m sure, the lyrics to “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” “Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare? Do you gaze at your doorstep […]

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