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BERKO: ‘Helping’ the poor (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: I’m active in my church, doing God’s work for the poor and homeless, and we’ve done lots of good work. I’ve been reading you for 25 years, and none of your columns has spoken for the poor ...

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KASS: A simple explanation of the ADA (access required)

Q:   I live in a large condo complex (350+ units) with seven different associations plus a Master Board. My association consists of only 18 units, the smallest association. As president, I have two questions: (1). Regarding the Master Board, we ...

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BERKO: 4 Blockbusters (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: We have a $262,000 portfolio that yields 5 percent, and we need those dividends to live on. Recently, our stockbroker had us take some profits and losses, and now we have about $60,000 in cash to invest. ...

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INVESTORS’ CORNER: Know your tenants rights (access required)

  Understanding tenants’ rights is valuable for all parties. Landlords benefit by avoiding potential pitfalls and liability issues. For tenants, being knowledgeable   means avoiding harmful situations and having greater leverage. The Implied Warranty of Habitability is a doctrine contained implicitly ...

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