Nov 22, 2017

Dear Monty: 5 reasons your home can be tough to evaluate

  Question: We plan on selling our home in the spring. When appraisers or real estate agents make adjustments between features in our house and the comparable homes features, we […]

Feb 17, 2017

Home seller wants to cancel the sale

Dear Monty: We entered into a sales contract with a buyer two weeks ago. As the realities of the change set in, we have decided we don’t want to move. […]

Dec 14, 2016

How to downshift GRACEFULLY

By Dominique Rodgers What do you think of when you hear the phrase “career trajectory?” Most likely, you’re thinking of career advancement, professional prog­ress. You’re movin’ on up. But […]

Sep 15, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Harrisburg rezoning reply

Editor’s note: Kent Olson is the owner of Development Solutions Group, a Charlotte company whose rezoning request for a 151-home subdivision in Harrisburg was denied by the Town Council on […]

Aug 16, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Queen City Express will connect NC

To the Editor: Governor McCrory recently announced the creation of the Queen City Express, a freight rail service connecting Charlotte to the Port of Wilmington. It’s a joint partnership between […]

Mar 2, 2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trash pickup changes harmful to homeowners in associations

Included in Charlotte’s next fiscal year budget is a proposal to stop trash service for multifamily units. The city aims to reclassify multifamily projects of more than four units from […]

Jan 18, 2016

OSHA penalties set to skyrocket

For 25 years, the maximum penalty amounts for violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act have remained frozen. A thaw is about to set in — and quick. The […]

Dec 31, 2015

INVESTORS’ CORNER: Maintain a margin for the unexpected

The term “margin call” is generally associated with investments in commodities or stocks using leverage.  As the value of the investments rapidly declines, the brokerage house facilitating the borrowing for […]

Dec 31, 2015

KASS: Committee balks at allowing docks

DEAR BENNY: We own a cabin on a private lake. It’s governed by an advisory committee (AC) working under our local county’s board of supervisors.  On paper, we are clearly […]

Dec 30, 2015

BERKO: Millions of new cars sent overseas to die

Editor’s Note: The final three paragraphs of this installment of Malcolm Berko’s column are new, the previous version of this column contained errors. Dear Mr. Berko: I’m a married 43-year-old […]

Dec 30, 2015

INVESTORS’ CORNER: Set higher goals in new year

If you’re like me, the end of the year marks a time of psychological “bookends,” consisting of Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, with which to enclose the accomplishment, triumphs, defeats, […]

Dec 23, 2015

BERKO: Hedge funds benefit from carried interest

DEAR MR. BERKO: Please explain carried interest, which some of the presidential candidates are talking about. I know it has something to do with hedge funds (and I’m not sure […]

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