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Zoning out when maybe we shouldn’t be (access required)

When we move to a new city, we look into the public school system. We inquire about crime rates. We ask about taxes, housing costs, gasoline prices and the availability of public parks. The information in the zoning ordinance seems just as important as anything else you could know about a community. But who reads manuals?

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Trinity Towns site to be auctioned at foreclosure sale today (access required)

Photo by Scott Baughman

In 2010, construction was supposed to begin on Trinity Towns, a townhome project that, if they were all built, would have featured about 60 units a few blocks from Bank of America Stadium and within walking distance of Uptown. But the project ended up being nothing more than a plan. Now, the site is being sold at a foreclosure auction set for 10:30 a.m. today.

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