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It’s Kitchen and Bath Month! (access required)

The marketing ploy that is National Kitchen and Bath Month is in full swing. And the folks behind NKABM probably hope that every October we’ll all dutifully run out to Lowe’s and drop a few grand on, say, a new ...

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Swimming in George Shinn’s past (access required)

I can almost picture it. George Shinn is lounging poolside at his Tega Cay home, a tall, sweating glass of ice-cold tea in hand. The afternoon light streams through the glass, making the tea glow, so that it looks he’s ...

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Isaac Lea: the man behind the mussels (access required)

In 1852, when Isaac Lea became the first person to write down observations about the Carolina heelsplitter, the Monroe Connector-Bypass hadn’t even been dreamed up. These days, hardly anyone talks about Lea. But lots of people are speculating about what’s ...

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Welcome to the new Mecklenburg Times

Readers of today’s edition might have noticed something different on the front page. Just under our flag are nine words that weren’t there Tuesday: “Your inside source for real estate, development and construction.” “What’s this all about?” you might be ...

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