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Is a Career in Real Estate Right for Me? 

By Brenda Benson, Operating Principal at Keller Williams Ballantyne-Area Market Center 

A career in real estate appeals to many, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to set their own schedule touring gorgeous homes all day? Unfortunately, a desire for flexibility and a love of houses is not enough to excel in this field. In my three decades of experience, new agents who want to perform at the highest level do the following: 



  •  They build relationships by providing great services to their clients. There is no better way to gain a client’s trust than by doing excellent work, over and over again. Time + Consistency = Trust.  
  • They dedicate themselves and take initiative to attend training and coaching sessionsThe best agents attend and engage in the skill set classes they need to master lead generation, gain specific market knowledge, and grow their business.  
  • They leverage the resources their company offers. At Keller Williams Ballantyne Area, we have proven vendors, strategic partners, innovative technical support, a leadership team that is readily available, and world-class coaching and training that is provided in-person and virtually.   

Like any profession, real estate requires sacrifices. Often, our work requires evening and weekend work because that is often when clients are available to view properties. This can be an adjustment for some agents transitioning from a more traditional work scheduleHowever, real estate also gives people an opportunity to own a business, create wealth, service others, and to give back to their community. It allows them independence in setting their own goals, creating their own schedule, and engaging in the activities at a level that meets both personal and professional visions for themselves and those they love.  

If you’re considering a career in real estate or have questions about how Keller Williams Ballantyne-Area can support you in your career, you can email Brenda at 





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