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Clothes moth control (access required)

Are your clothes safe this summer? When you packed away your favorite woolly sweaters and long johns last spring, you probably didn’t expect to give them a second thought till sometime in November. Problem is, though, that while you’re vacationing ...

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Get rid of weeds between pavers (access required)

  What’s growing between your pavers: weeds, moss, even tiny trees? If you answer “all of the above,” you’re in the same boat as I was until recently. Seemed like my patio was more vegetation than bricks and I wanted ...

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Staining an old deck (access required)

Nothing gives new life to an old deck like a fresh coat of stain. And staining an old deck actually packs a double whammy. The process not only revives your deck’s appearance, but also protects the wood, so it stays ...

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