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The crazy-cool of building technology (access required)

Construction jobs

PORTLAND, Ore. – Picture this: Within the next 12 to 18 months, artificial intelligence will have completely taken over the building industry. Power tools formerly used in construction will be replaced by what will appear to a layperson to be ...

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Despite delay, clock is ticking for health care employment mandate (access required)

Time clock

Businesses got a temporary reprieve in July when the Obama administration announced a yearlong delay in the enforcement of the federal requirement that employers provide health care coverage to workers or pay a fine. But even though the Affordable Care Act’s “shared responsibility” employer mandate — also known as the “pay or play” provision — won’t go into effect until January 2015, compliance will require businesses managers to make a host of complex decisions that will take a considerable amount of time. And the clock is already ticking.

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Shifting laws online puts legal system at risk (access required)

The American Bar Association this month will be asked to endorse a proposed uniform law aiming at new standards for state government websites that host legal materials. The Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act is proposed by the Uniform Laws Commission to address a trend, still in its infancy, of shuttering public printers and posting laws only online. But shifting an entire system of laws to online-only postings puts our legal system at risk.

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Tenants go for the green build-out (access required)


Interior design in law offices traditionally has featured pricey, imposing furniture, expensive paneling, carpeting and artwork and other opulent touches. But the Minneapolis law firm of Nilan Johnson Lewis emphatically broke with that tradition when it developed its ecology-conscious space on two floors of the One Financial Plaza building.

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Is this any way to 
build a road? (access required)


Since the early 1990s the state of North Carolina has been studying, evaluating 
and planning construction of the Northern Beltway in Winston-Salem but has yet to break ground. Why, then, has DOT continued to freeze all property development and sales along the beltway corridor, leaving thousands of property owners stuck? Because it can.

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Use of certified wood drops in 2011 LEED projects (access required)

This year, significantly fewer Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects specified the use of wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. A recent report issued by GreenBiz Group found FSC wood was used in only 26 percent of new LEED construction in 2011, down from 41 percent last year.

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