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And don’t work with kids or animals

Mecklenburg County Economic Development Director Peter Zeiler knows a thing or two about making presentations to the Board of County Commissioners. But on June 15, he had to break two of his own rules after what was expected to be a quick meeting turned into a long, mid-day slog.

Commissioners met to discuss negotiating the sale of the former Brooklyn Village property to a private developer in a gathering many expected to be quick and civil.

It was neither.

The meeting began at 3 p.m. and dragged on until 5:15 p.m., necessitating a break for a meal. As commissioners meandered back to the table, sandwiches in hand, Zeiler had the unenviable task of taking the podium to present a plan for developing another chunk of county land –– a project at Pearl Street Park.

“When it comes to making these presentations before commissioners, they always say don’t go after a contentious issue and don’t go after a meal,” Zeiler quipped while his PowerPoint slides loaded behind him. “Looks like I’m starting out 0 for 2!”

At least Zeiler could be thankful his presentation was just informational, and he didn’t have to ask the commissioners to take a vote of any kind on that particular day.

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