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Livin’ it up in the city

Chris Hemans, director of retail for Charlotte Center City Partners, took the stage Tuesday to address the Commercial Real Estate Women luncheon at the Charlotte Country Club – and he did so to the dulcet tones of “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

But the musical introduction didn’t have quite the impact Hemans expected on the gathered crowd of about 150.

“That’s Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars,” he said, as the crowd remained mostly silent and stone-faced. “I was really expecting that to get a better reaction. Come on, this is about retail! Retail is supposed to be fun!”

The crowd warmed to Hemans later as he explained that uptown was ready for a return of retail establishments. After his presentation and a short Q-and-A session, Hemans brought his theme music full circle when he closed with remarks from Mars.

“In the words of Bruno, when it comes to shopping in uptown, if you don’t believe us, just watch!”

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