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We’re updating our website

computer forensicsBeginning on Thursday, we’ll be updating our web site! Readers can expect a new, sleek design experience as we transition to a new design theme known as “responsive” design. Our current website is designed for optimum viewing efficiency when read on a desktop computer. But many of our users and users of the Internet in general no longer view content from the traditional desktop computer. They’re using smartphones, tablets, laptops or some combination of these technologies along with the traditional desktop computer. With our new responsive design, elements of the website will shrink, grow, move and modify depending upon the technology of each individual user. In short, you’re browsing experience will be very much the same across different size platforms. There’ll be no more scrunching, zooming or panning to try and make the articles and data you’ve come to expect from us be visible on screens of different sizes. We’re very excited to bring you this upgrade so look for more information here soon!

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