Jul 5, 2023

ENNICO: Time to depart 

In February 2002, a very lovely, brilliant and wonderful lady named Jane Applegate offered me the opportunity to continue her weekly syndicated column, “Succeeding in Small Business,” for Creators Syndicate. I […]

Jun 27, 2023

ENNICO: The challenges to business success in America 

I have been writing this column for over 21 years and have seen a lot of changes. But nothing as dramatic as what I’m seeing now. America’s entrepreneurs and small businesses […]

Jun 22, 2023

ENNICO: A legal checklist for a retail website 

“I’m planning to set up a fashion accessories website. I think I will be selling mostly on Amazon, eBay and other online platforms, but after watching your YouTube video ‘Doing Business […]

Jun 14, 2023

ENNICO: Business tips for artists 

“My husband is a famous artist but isn’t really good at the business side of things. I’ve just retired from a corporate job and want to help him out. What’s the […]

Jun 1, 2023

ENNICO: Cutting costs the right way 

“We have a retail business (both brick-and-mortar and internet). We have tried every marketing trick in the book, but we can’t seem to push our sales up beyond a certain point […]

May 25, 2023

ENNICO: Preparing for your first investor 

“We set up a limited liability company last year for a tech business. There are three of us; one of us acts as ‘managing member’ and the other two vote […]

May 18, 2023

ENNICO: To the baby boomers: Something Wicked This Way Comes 

Being cooped up in a New England house this time of year isn’t fun. It’s all rain, mud and washed-out blossoms covering the streets and driveways. To live up here […]

May 9, 2023

ENNICO: Fan Fiction, ‘Robot Chicken,’ fair use and the copyright laws 

 “I am a professional by trade, but evenings and weekends I’m involved in a local amateur theater group. Just for fun, our group set up a YouTube channel and recorded some […]

May 3, 2023

ENNICO: Should your LLC be managed by ‘members’ or ‘managers’? 

When setting up a limited liability company (LLC) for a new business, one of the hardest jobs is figuring out how the company should be managed. In most states, LLCs can […]

Apr 28, 2023

ENNICO: Tips for dealing with a temp agency 

“I was downsized from a large corporation a couple of months ago. I’m excited about starting my own solo consulting practice. I’ve had some business cards and stationery printed out and […]

Apr 19, 2023

ENNICO: 5 easy rules that will keep your Delaware corporation alive 

“Some friends and I started a high-tech business a couple of years ago and formed a Delaware corporation to run the business. We live and work in another state but […]

Apr 13, 2023

ENNICO: Business or hobby? 

Doing something fun and making a little money at it? Maybe you sell stuff on eBay, Amazon or Etsy just to clean out your basement and you are (pleasantly) surprised […]

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