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FDA: Tests of Tucker Adkins Dairy milk negative for bacteria

Tests of raw milk samples from York, S.C.-based Tucker Adkins Dairy have come back negative for the bacteria that causes campylobacteriosis, Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Yao said.

Earlier this month, the FDA said it was investigating reports of people claiming to have become ill after they drank milk from Tucker. Campylobacteriosis is known to result in diarrhea, cramping and fever.

Tests on one person who was hospitalized found a campylobacteriosis infection, Yao said.

Yao said the FDA is continuing to test Tucker’s production process.

The people who became ill reported receiving raw milk twice a month from a courier who delivered it from South Carolina, the FDA said. The milk was in 1-gallon containers and distributed in North Carolina by a courier.

The FDA recommends that consumers only drink pasteurized milk.


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