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NEWS ANALYSIS Under construction: Court’s decision provides no blueprint (access required)


Under state law, every new house built and sold in N.C. comes with an implied warranty that the home is free from major structural defects when it was sold, but the builder can expressly warrant the house for more, and for longer, often up to 10 years. But a decision by an N.C. court comes with no warranty that it will ever be enforced ─ or even understandable ─ or for how long.

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Reader reaction: Realtor feels obligation to help clients with short sales (access required)

After reading the Q-and-A with Debe Maxwell in your June 5 issue, I felt inclined to respond. I represent many, many homeowners in their short sales. Yes, they are time-intensive and rather a pain, but it’s something I do to help stem the tide of foreclosures and help people in financial distress. Their banks might be difficult to deal with, but they deserve help just like any “regular” homeowner with equity.

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