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Real Estate Veteran Pete Frandano Pens Book He Hopes Will Help Others Through His Experience  


CHARLOTTE – One of North Carolina’s most seasoned real estate professionals, Pete Frandano, who is also an experienced endurance athlete, has written a book that combines both of his passions to help seasoned and aspiring real estate professionals, fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs, while honoring his two sons in the process. 

“Endurance Real Estate” conveys Frandano’s 30-plus combined years of experience in the both the Fortune 500 and real estate industries – the good, the bad and some of the ugly from his own experience and the front row seat he had the good fortune of having to some of the industry’s top performers. He provides some “what to dos” and “what not to dos” with the hope it can help readers cross whatever finish lines they choose to cross in their business and life. 

The book’s official launch date is March 17 in both paperback and e-book format and will initially be launching globally on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and independent book sellers.  March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, holds very special meaning for Frandano and his family. 

“Endurance Real Estate” started out as a chronicle for Frandano’s sons and has evolved over the past two-plus years into something much bigger. The book is real estate centric, but its lessons and message will help and interest seasoned or aspiring real estate professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, business managers, leaders and endurance athletes. 

“My book started out as a chronicle for my two sons, my ‘if dad got hit by a bus document,’ but has since evolved into something I hope can help you or others in your world,” Frandano said.  

“‘Endurance Real Estate’ is a true story, my true journey,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of help along my journey in life and I’m hoping this book can in a small way do the same for others, maybe even provide an extra set of what I call ‘life’s guard rails.’ It provides real and actionable advice and will provide hope and inspiration to my readers. It is about at times falling down, picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and crossing the finish lines of our business and our lives. A lot has been written about the 2% on Wall Street. While this book will be interesting to them as well, it is written primarily for the rest of us 98 percenters.” 

Frandano is grateful for his 30-plus year journey in the Fortune 500 and real estate arenas, two industries that have given back to him in ways unimaginable. As a former Fortune 500 Logistics/Supply Chain Executive who bounced all over the globe for quite a few years, he made professional detour after what he calls a couple of life’s “right turns,” one being 9/11 where he was in the air heading from Boston to Pittsburgh the morning of the tragic event. Soon thereafter, he left corporate America to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and entered the real estate industry, eventually purchasing the real estate company with his partners leading up to the Great Recession. 

Frandano has participated in more than 100 endurance sports events over the years, including marathons, triathlons, 5K – 8K – and 10K runs, and charity cycle rides. 

Frandano, CCIM, MBA, is President of River Sound, Inc. which is a real estate consulting company that he has owned and operated since 2005. He also is proud to affiliate with Coldwell Banker Commercial MECA in Charlotte for his local brokerage business and T.B. Harris Jr. & Associates in Charlotte where he practices commercial appraisal. Frandano has recently launched Frandano Incorporated with a focus on helping other seasoned and aspiring real estate professionals, small business owners and others run from peak to peak and cross their finish lines in their business and in their life. He spends time in both the Queen City and the southeastern North Carolina coast. 

Frandano has served in industry leadership for over 15 years, has been named as a Deal Maker by the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) Institute, and is a proud member of the North Carolina CCIM Hall of Fame.

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