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The Mecklenburg Times’ Public Records data are business leads every business owner can use. Within our records, you can find the most recent filings, from bankruptcies to foreclosures. Below is a list of records you can search:

Foreclosure records – newly filed foreclosures, upcoming sales, and reports of sale

Newly Fileds – residential or commercial properties that have been filed with the court system and are scheduled for hearing in Mecklenburg and Union counties

Upcoming Sales – foreclosure sales that have been scheduled for auction in Mecklenburg and Union counties

Reports of Sales – foreclosure sales that have been auctioned and sales are pending or waiting to be finalized

Bankruptcies – the legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organization to pay its creditors, all filings collected are within Mecklenburg County

New Corporations – incorporations filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State

New Businesses – businesses filed with the Mecklenburg County Office of the Tax Collector’s

Real estate transactions – properties bought or sold within Mecklenburg County, whether residential or commercial

Please note: This data is collected by our records researcher and from third-party resources with the primary purpose of providing a service to those in need of business leads. If you are interested in specific details of a listing, please contact the indicated trustee or attorney for more information.

However, if you have questions concerning our collection process or cannot find a listing, please feel free to contact customer service by calling 1-877-615-9536 or email at [email protected]

For a subscription, email [email protected] or visit our subscription page to subscribe. Thank you!

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