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Developing news: Commercial projects likely to increase (access required)

Retail follows rooftops. It’s the old real estate adage explaining how commercial development responds to residential development. So the recent growth in homebuilding and homebuying in the Charlotte market – which is expected to continue into 2014 – will likely be accompanied by increased commercial development over the next two years, even if developers are still cautious about the overall economy.

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Real estate heavy hitters guardedly optimistic about Charlotte market (access required)

Several real estate executives spoke about the condition of the city’s real estate market Tuesday morning from the stage in a glitzy ballroom at the uptown Hilton, which coincidentally is in one of the submarkets they were most excited about. The tone in the room was mostly positive, as would be expected from a corporate-sponsored event called “Third Annual State of the Market.”

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Seems like old times (access required)

It is a not exactly a fixer-upper, but not fully made over, either: a vinyl-sided bungalow – not large, not small – around 1,800 square feet. But it is in just the right spot – on the Dilworth side of Freedom Park – and went on the market at just the right time.

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Breaking out the crystal ball (access required)

It’s the time of year to make predictions about the rest of the year. But when it came to speculating on what Charlotte-area’s real estate market will be like in 2012, The Meck Times’ newsroom denizens said they were still recovering from the holidays and unable to make an educated guess.

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More and less (access required)

Lynn Burnett didn’t have the greatest year in 2011. As an agent for Charlotte-based real estate firm Allen Tate, Burnett said 2011 handed her one of the toughest markets she’s ever seen in her eight years working for the company. Still, it was a better year than 2010, she said, if only because more people were buying.

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