Jan 19, 2023

NOVAK: What does it take to turn a hobby into a business? 

         Q: I recently retired from a job I had for 25 years. I receive retirement benefits that allow me to continue living as I have lived, […]

Jan 12, 2023

NOVAK: How to turn your time into money and more joy 

         Businesses are experts at knowing what their employees’ time is worth to them, but few individuals know how to correctly analyze the value of their own […]

Jan 5, 2023

NOVAK: Afraid of asking for a raise? 

         Q: I work at a small company, so I accept whatever task is asked of me. The company owner is nice and personable. I like the […]

Dec 28, 2022

NOVAK: Working wives who never learn 

         Q: I am in a group of workers who is always left out — wives who work for their husbands for free until we are divorced […]

Dec 20, 2022

NOVAK: Unfair or unlawful? Only a lawyer knows 

         Q: I notified my employer of my future plans to leave a key position, so upper management began to look for my replacement, as it will […]

Dec 15, 2022

NOVAK: Bad client inspired a career change 

         Q: I worked in a high-paying position for many years. I was good at troubleshooting, meeting deadlines and biting my tongue, so I didn’t complain. I […]

Dec 7, 2022

NOVAK: Getting the job doesn’t mean keeping it 

        Q: I was introduced to a company through a friend/connection. I had a very positive and friendly Zoom interview with the department head who I would […]

Nov 30, 2022

NOVAK: Too old for a new job? 

         Q: I had a successful work record in accounting for 10 years prior to returning to school for an MBA. My husband had been laid off […]

Nov 21, 2022

NOVAK: Still paying for an old mistake 

         Q: I worked for eight consecutive years and received excellent annual evaluations. I know I was rated higher than any of the other employees because we […]

Nov 16, 2022

NOVAK: A return to ethics — 1968 

         People talk about ethics, honesty, transparency and respect, but few remember when those characteristics were shared by most. They met new clients, new friends and new […]

Nov 10, 2022

NOVAK: How to become a go-to employee 

         A bachelor’s degree is not enough for getting a job and keeping it. The degree shows a student has the ability to study and absorb information […]

Nov 2, 2022

NOVAK: Onboarding: Sink or swim 

        The first weeks of onboarding can set the stage for a new hire to either fall in love with the job and the company or wish […]

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