Matthew Ridenhour

Feb 23, 2015

BOCC split on code enforcement improvement efforts

CHARLOTTE – The Mecklenburg County code enforcement department updated the Board of County Commissioners at its meeting Thursday night on efforts to address inspection and permitting process problems, but some […]

Oct 24, 2014

You say sustainable, I say social engineering manifesto

Viewers of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday were treated to a mini-debate on political philosophy. Reacting to a presentation on a “Sustainability Report Card” created for the […]

May 13, 2014

ON THE LEVEL: Matthew Ridenhour: County commissioner and former Marine lets down his hair

CHARLOTTE – On the Level didn’t just pick Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners District 5 representative Matthew Ridenhour out of the air. The Tea Partier got the nod because economic […]

May 12, 2014

Perhaps this Marine needs more than a gavel

Meetings to nowhere. We’ve all been there. But when a 90-minute meeting doesn’t even get to the main item on the agenda. . .well, that’s when you’d think a former […]

Feb 1, 2011

Republicans mixed on convention

Projected economic impact aside, the 2012 Democratic National Convention is, at the end of the day, a political event. And while the Democratic mayor of Charlotte and governor of North […]

Nov 5, 2010

Republican addition could bring board bipartisanship

Despite the red wave that swept the House of Representatives across the country Tuesday, the Democrats on the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners were able to hang on to their […]

Oct 26, 2010

Opponents, supporters of $203M bonds package point to timing

With government debt and uncertainty about the economy serving as hot-button topics for this year’s local and national elections, the fate of the $203.6 million Charlotte bonds package on the […]

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