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The Common Code: Under HB 120, contractors in NC could follow one set of building standards (access required)

Joe Padilla

When Hoss Hinson is managing a construction project in Asheville, he has to conform to a lot more building-code requirements than when he is working in Concord. But if a bill in front of the North Carolina General Assembly becomes law, Hinson, project manager for Monroe-based Godfrey Construction, will be able to work in Asheville and Concord and everywhere in between without worrying about differences in building codes.

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The bill to nowhere? (access required)

Building plans heads together

Homebuilders warming up their shouts of “Free at last, free at last!” to hail the passage of two bills in the North Carolina General Assembly should stop, call their lawyers and consult their dictionaries first. The bills – House Bill 150 and Senate Bill 139 – aim to curtail local governments’ imposing of non-structural aesthetic building codes on builders of one- and two-family houses. By the wide majority of 98-18, the House passed its version this week, and the nearly identical Senate bill appears poised for equally easy passage.

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13 to watch in ’13: REBIC and Raleigh (access required)

PADILLA: The Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition is concerned the General Assembly might pass bills this year that could hurt the real estate industry.

You’re either fer it, or you’re agin it, as they say in the mountains of western North Carolina, and that’s true of possible legislation that REBIC will either back or oppose this year on the other end of the state in Raleigh, where the state legislature is in session.

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