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Gas tax cap could make roadwork evaporate

RALEIGH — We’ve been here before. The last time came following Hurricane Katrina, in 2005 and 2006. Refineries shut down. Speculators jumped in. Gas prices started rising. North Carolina’s gas tax, which rises or falls every six months based on ...

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A scary ghost story

RALEIGH — Whoever thought that a ghost or two would take up residence in the Legislative Building? The building isn’t that old. Builders finished work on the baffling maze of a structure in 1963. So who would ever think that ...

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NC’s broadband battle continues

RALEIGH — At some point, legislators — Republicans and Democrats — might want to wake up to the fact that an ongoing battle over high-speed Internet has nothing to do with party, political ideology or being pro- or anti-business. It ...

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The nitty-gritty on building jetties

RALEIGH — Once again, the North Carolina legislature is debating the building of jetties along the coast. Oh, wait. The experts say they are “terminal groins.” Whatever. As I’ve said before, Capt. Robert E. Lee didn’t design any terminal groins ...

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