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Making light of 
the dark (access required)

RALEIGH — Stephen Colbert has it wrong. The comedian/satirist/host of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” recently rolled out his newly formed super PAC’s first campaign ad, aimed at Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the Iowa straw poll. His political action ...

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Really thinking about jobs (access required)

RALEIGH — Last year, soon-to-be state House Speaker Thom Tillis began sporting a wrist ban reading, “Think Jobs.” The wrist ban was actually part of a campaign from the state’s top business group, the North Carolina Chamber. After the recently ...

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Airing out pension system problems (access required)

RALEIGH — Who would have thought that you could qualify for a public pension and not be a public employee? Some goings-on during the final days of this year’s regular session of the North Carolina legislature exposed that fact, although ...

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Redistricting: The cause 
of political dysfunction

RALEIGH — Maybe it’s appropriate that, as legislators in the state capital considered legislative and congressional redistricting, the real problems associated with the redrawing of electoral districts lines showed up in the nation’s capital. Those problems are really simple: Politicians ...

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A cauldron of trouble brews at NC port

RALEIGH — All those who beat the drum so loudly for less government regulation during the recently completed regular session of the North Carolina General Assembly might want to pay attention to a drama unfolding in Morehead City. It seems ...

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