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INVSTORS’ CORNER: Carbon monoxide (access required)

                                                                          (1 of 4 Toxic Terrors)                                                                        Pete Youngs, Mr. Rehab This is a problem that can be found in many homes. Even mine. I just recently had my furnace replaced and was about to remodel my basement and ...

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BERKO: Investing in China (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: Our stockbroker wants us to invest about 20 percent of our $510,000 joint account in Chinese stocks. He has given us a list of 20 stocks to buy that sell for between $8 and $21 a share. ...

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KASS: Five board members (access required)

Q:       There are five board members in our condo; I am the President. One of the elected board members is a major problem. He disrupts every board meeting by bringing up irrelevant – and sometimes ridiculous – issues; he pounds ...

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BERKO: Convertible Bonds explained (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: Please explain convertible bonds. We’re in our late 50s. We are not aggressive investors and own a $310,000 portfolio of stocks — mostly utilities and other income stocks — yielding 3 to 9 percent. A stockbroker tried ...

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