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Campaign ads throw truth out the window

RALEIGH — When the stakes are high, maybe anything goes. So it goes this campaign season. Election mailers tied to candidates, political parties and independent groups aren’t just especially nasty this year. Some are plain false. Of course, nastiness is ...

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Governor possesses big budget power

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s high court recently wrestled without conclusion about where the budgetary powers of the state legislature stop and those of the governor begin. To Joe and Jane Taxpayer, it might seem like an inconsequential argument. Government — ...

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No welcome mat for Home Depot

Dear Mr. Berko: Way back in 2003, you recommended Home Depot, and I bought the stock at $21 and sold it just when Robert Nardelli left in 2007 at $40. Now I’m thinking of buying 300 Home Depot because revenues ...

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