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BERKO: A Young Man in Debt (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: Last year, our handsome 31-year-old son finished his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida with a specialty in biology and ecology. We’re so proud of him! He got a job down here in Florida at $38,000 ...

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BERKO: Movers of Earth (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: I’m an officer at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where a group of us reads and discusses your column each week. Early this year, you wrote an interesting column about H&E Equipment Services. When I crunched the data ...

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BERKO: An artful investment (access required)

I have an opportunity to buy a $250,000 half-unit in a multiunit art-related limited partnership. A friend will buy the other half. The partnership will buy very expensive old masterpieces, and I’ve included the partnership papers for your review. Two ...

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INVESTORS’ CORNER: Know your “Nut” (access required)

                                                     (Part 4 of a Series) What does it take each month for you to cover all your essential living expenses: rent; or mortgage, taxes and insurance (PITIA); food; clothing; transportation; insurances; utilities; home maintenance; and other necessary monthly ...

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