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Who is outside of 
the mainstream? (access required)

RALEIGH — Legislative Republicans did themselves no favors in the state capital last week. Oh, sure, they believe they’ve fired up their conservative base by passing a proposed amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage. They probably also placated ...

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Alcoa pushes jobs and locals push back (access required)

RALEIGH — Stanly County commissioners apparently aren’t backing down from their fight with aluminum-maker Alcoa. Neither is the administration of Gov. Beverly Perdue. The fight is over the water that flows through the Yadkin River and into the reservoirs created ...

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Ignoring the net 
of economic reality (access required)

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s commercial fishermen have an image problem. You wouldn’t know it from the rhetoric coming from one of the primary groups that represents them, the North Carolina Fisheries Association. But since last winter, all up and down ...

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For some, Irene 
was big and bad (access required)

RALEIGH — Hurricanes prompt a strange human response. As the storms near land, everyone in their potential path is riveted. Fear of physical or financial harm, awe at the power of nature and curiosity about the situation’s unpredictability all enter ...

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