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2013 Influential Women

Katherine L. Lambert (access required)


When Katherine Lambert earned the badges that adorn her Girl Scout sashes, she never imagined she would someday play a key role in managing the large Hornets’ Nest Girl Scout Council of Charlotte, The council serves 23,000 members, including 6,500 ...

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Christy Koury (access required)


When Christy Koury went to an emergency room with her young daughter who had been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, the attending physician had to go online to look up information about that disease. Since that day six years ago, Koury ...

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Marsha C. Kennedy (access required)


Marsha Kennedy believes failures and setbacks are just stepping stones to success. She learned that lesson in high school after she failed to make the cheerleading squad, then compensated with a sport that turned out much better. “I was devastated ...

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Lisa Kelly (access required)


When Lisa Kelley decided to go to college right after high school, her grandfather patted her on the back and assured her she might meet a man there. “I will never forget his laughter when I told him I wanted ...

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Stacy Sumner Jesso (access required)


Stacy Jesso spent most of her adult life nurturing her love for the nonprofit industry through volunteer work, racking up a long list of civic organizations she has touched, and honing her leadership skills at the head of a variety ...

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Jenn Jackson (access required)


Jenn Jackson took a risk in 2010 that has paid off for her in a big way. “After 10 years of sales and management with the same company, I took a leap of faith and jumped to the competition,” she ...

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Kati Hynes (access required)


When Kati Hynes looks back on the Chiquita Brands International move from Cincinnati to Charlotte, the memories are bittersweet. Hynes, as vice president for economic development with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, was instrumental in helping the Queen City land ...

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Hon. Theresa Holmes-Simmons (access required)


Judge Theresa Holmes-Simmons was a young attorney in New York, just six years out of law school, when she tried the case of a lifetime, a high-profile double homicide. “I was appointed by New York Gov. Mario Cuomo as a ...

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Liz Hilliard (access required)

Liz Hilliard HeadshotWEB

Liz Hilliard wishes Title IX had been in place when she was a standout on her high school basketball team. “I was the leading scorer in my conference and all-conference for three years,” she says. “I loved basketball and was ...

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Penny Hawkins (access required)


Five years ago, Penny Hawkins quit her corporate marketing job and entered the world of nonprofit management. She set a goal to devote every day to doing something that matters to people in need. “My desire to help others is ...

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