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Drawn to Souths: On the Level with Jim Burbank of Saussy Burbank (access required)


Over the past quarter-century, Jim Burbank has built a lot of houses, in Charlotte, Raleigh and the Charleston area. Along with them, he also has built a reputation for solid and not overly adorned quality homes as contractors used to build, with solid wood, two-panel interior doors, simple but beautiful moldings and classic layouts opened up to accommodate contemporary tastes.

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Demolishing the Myth (access required)

Dana Gore, an equipment operator for Environmental Holdings Group, watches the demolition of a former squad bay building at Fort Bragg Army base in Fayetteville.  Photo by Donn Young

General contractors take pride in what they erect, plumbers in the pipes they sweat. Electrical contractors love to run wire and HVAC guys work for hire. Roofers roof and masons mortar while cabinet makers pull their drawers.

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Not exactly ‘The Godfather’ : On the Level with Darin Brocklebank (access required)


Eschewing the cliché of starting a successful business on the back of a paper cocktail napkin, Darin Brocklebank started out Metro GreenScape at the bottom of a paper grocery sack. Usually, On the Level calls or emails subjects and begs them for a half-hour of their time. Brocklebank emailed us, saying he wanted to meet us so he could do us a favor. That was a new one, so we agreed to meet, but only if he let us interview him in exchange for hearing about his offer.

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