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Revving it out of the recession (access required)

Trent Haston grew up in Charlotte, but On the Level bets he picked up some of his business savvy from a tried-and-true driving maneuver straight from twisting back roads of the Blue Ridges. That’s how Haston not only survived the housing bust but beat it, too, growing his Charlotte-based Andrew Roby General Contractor business into the Roby Family of Companies.

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The straight-shooting (really) president of Get the Lead Out (access required)

Kathryn Hubicki. Photo by Tony Brown

At 32, Kathryn Hubicki has been around. Now she gets around, running the family's Charlotte business, Get the Lead Out, a lead paint-, asbestos-, radon- and mold-testing company, which takes her all over the Carolinas and the Southeastern U.S. for, among others, the Federal Aviation, Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development departments.

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Small building could be the start of big things for downtown Huntersville (access required)

This site could hold apartments in the future. Photo by Sharon Roberts

It’s only a 17-unit building on a 0.64 acre lot, but it would add apartments to this fast-growing and rental-scarce suburb when multifamily vacancy rates are at historic lows. And it might even help revive the town of Huntersville’s desire for a denser and more mixed-use downtown at and around Old Statesville and Gilead roads.

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On The Level: Hoss Hinson – yes, the name is real. So is he. (access required)


Hoss Hinson is a cool name, and the guy who has it has the cool to back it up, too. The wrap-around-sunglasses-sporting, pickup-truck-driving, beard-wearing, hard-hatted and safety-vested vice president of the Monroe-based Godfrey Construction Co. showed up at East Mecklenburg High School taking swigs through a straw in a Big Gulp cup full of Mountain Dew.

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