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It’s just a little delay (access required)

RALEIGH — Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. Some state legislators aren’t thrilled with the idea of limiting the terms of legislative leaders. No, I’m not talking about the ones like former House Speaker and current House Minority Leader Joe Hackney, who ...

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Pope, state politics 
earn a big stage (access required)

RALEIGH — The big talk and news around the state capital last week was … the news. Or, maybe it wasn’t really news. The New Yorker magazine published an extensive spread on Republican Party activist/retail magnate/political financier Art Pope. The ...

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Letting the other guy pay (access required)

RALEIGH — State officials in Virginia seem to have figured out a way to pay for road improvements in that state: Stick it to North Carolinians. North Carolina officials, in turn, are now considering a brilliant idea to pay for ...

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