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Turning tide (access required)


Pool builders have spent the past five to seven years seeing their industry hit hard by a slow economy and recession, tough consumer credit market and decline in home sales and new construction. So far in 2012, the pool and spa industry is showing an uptick in activity.

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Rosa Marion, The Harvest Center of Charlotte (access required)


In the early 1990s, Rosa Marion teamed up with Barbara Brewton Cameron, founder of The Harvest Center of Charlotte, to transform a West Charlotte community around Wyatt Street, now Brewton Drive, which had been infested with drugs, guns and violence and close to 100 murders in a span of four years.

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Kim Marks, ai Design Group (access required)


Architect Kim Marks said the biggest challenge in her line of work is the need to continually think outside the box for her clients. The biggest challenge of her career, she said, also involved outside-the-box thinking when, in 2003, she decided to leave a large architectural firm to start her own business.

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Leah Maybry, Elliott Davis (access required)


With more than 14 years of accounting experience, the 36-year-old Maybry ranks as a senior tax manager at Elliott Davis, a 75-year-old accounting firm and one of the largest accounting, tax and consulting services firms in the U.S. In her four years at Elliott Davis, Maybry has played a key role in growing the firm’s tax practice in Charlotte by generating new business. Specializing in income taxes for individuals and planning for nonprofits and high-net-worth individuals, Maybry has about 100 to 150 clients and manages 350 tax returns a year on average. She has also mentored 10 Elliott Davis professionals in her four years.

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Kim McDonald, Elite Resources (access required)


Kim McDonald playfully blames her mother, but she also thanks her, for her 20-year career in the staffing industry. “My mom said I had to get a part-time job in high school, so I said, ‘OK, I’ll work for you,’ and went to work for her at the staffing agency she owned, and I loved it from day one,” McDonald said. “I grew up around it, and I’m now fully in it, and I am thankful she brought me into this business.”

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