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From muddle to model (access required)

3D models

No matter how hard they squint at traditional building plans, the Mecklenburg County code inspectors are bound to miss something. The problems often don’t show up until the inspector walks through after construction is finished. Jim Bartl says he thinks there is a better way.

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City tinkering with produce-stand law (access required)

The law governing produce stands in the county could be further changed in the near future if the City Council passes an amendment recommended by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department. The main change is to clarify an earlier amendment that says ...

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Reese shifts tactic; city yawns (access required)

Jerry Reese

Jerry Reese’s latest legal swing has fallen short of unnerving his opponents. “Jerry Reese retaining counsel out of Greensboro doesn’t affect us at all,” Charlotte City Attorney Bob Hagemann said. “It doesn’t affect our approach or our confidence that ultimately none of his lawsuits will be successful.”

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