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Pouring a concrete slab (access required)

Concrete is one of the most user-friendly building materials around. It’s durable and inexpensive, yet can be made amazingly attractive with today’s new concrete finishes. Learn how to pour a concrete slab, the basis for many outdoor hardscape projects. Calculate ...

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How to lay wall tiles (access required)

Wall tile is trendy … that’s for sure. It’s both practical and luxurious for kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, good-looking tile can add a fashion-forward note to just about any wall in your home. And if you have plenty of ...

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How to tighten a toilet (access required)

It’s uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing, and you’d really better fix it sooner rather than later. We’re talking about a loose, wobbly toilet. Fortunately, this is not a particularly difficult or expensive home improvement project to take care of. Whether it’s the ...

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