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Eau de Condeau (access required)

Potpourri and home-baked cookies are so 2013. Upscale developers are turning to celebrity designers to concoct fragrances aimed at selling apartments and homes, according to the Wall Street Journal. You could call it eau de condo. The report said one ...

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The patron saint of sellers (access required)

There just might be some merit to burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard if you’re planning to sell a house, the Wall Street Journal has found. For those you pondering the association, Joseph, the husband of Mary, ...

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A man’s castle is his home (access required)

castle from the Oklahoman

A guy who owns the “premier” used car dealership in Oklahoma City is planning to build himself a castle in the suburbs. At 92,650 square feet, the mega mansion would be the largest private residence in the country, according to ...

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