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Market leader in cellulose insulation manufacturing announces new branding 

The largest manufacturer and marketer of cellulose insulation in North America, Applegate • Greenfiber, is going to market as Greenfiber® Creators of SANCTUARY, reflecting their commitment to providing a more comfortable, quieter, and greener future. 

The new branding is a key step in the integration of the two companies and will enable the consolidated company to leverage a shared product line-up and brand platform which started with the launch of SANCTUARY® by Greenfiber in 2018 and the SANCTUARY HOME platform in 2020. 

Greenfiber President and CEO, Tom VanAlstine, commented regarding the branding, ‘Now is the perfect time to make this subtle but important change. The name Greenfiber captures what we are striving to do – to produce not only the most effective insulation, but also the most environmentally friendly insulation on the market, made of primarily plant-based materials. Moving to this singular brand will make it easier for our customers and end users to identify with us’. 

The branding takes effect on February 6, 2023 and will have no impact on product availability. Visit us at our new updated website 

About Greenfiber 

At Greenfiberour goal is to build a more comfortable and sustainable world by providing something that has become increasingly harder to find – SANCTUARY®. 

With fifteen manufacturing plants in the US and Canada and headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Greenfiber is the largest manufacturer, marketer and distributor of cellulose insulation in North America and is at the forefront of insulation technology; continuing to lead the way with innovative products and solutions for the residential remodeling and new-home construction markets. Greenfiber believes that your home should feel like a sanctuary, a safe space for you and your family to just be. Greenfiber is committed to offering insulation that does more than regulate temperature – it brings more peace, quiet and comfort to a house while supporting the health and well-being of those who call it a home. 

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