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Changing your mindset

By PJ Kennedy, Keller Williams Ballantyne-Area Agent

The key to understanding mindset is really understanding ourselves. We have all heard, “Mind over matter,” “It’s all in your head,” or even, “What the mind believes, the body achieves.” After we roll our eyes at the cliche-ness of the statements, we think, what does it really mean? 

How powerful could it be to have the ability to believe in something so intensely that we manifest it? The thought of that seems unattainable, overwhelming, super-hero-level! How can it be that simple to convince our own minds that we can do it? How do we change that nagging little voice, whispering fears of failure and incompetence, into our biggest cheerleader? 


An important step to controlling our mindset starts with the acknowledgment that we can, in fact, control it. Our brains have a hard time seeing the difference between what is real and the story we tell it. Envisioning the specifics of how it looks when we achieve our goal, allows our brains to actually practice before the time comes – and practice successfully, at that! Envisioning our own success in detail leads our brain to believe that we can do it and starts to retrain that nagging little voice in our head. It gets in the habit of, at the very least, fact-checking that voice. If the voice asks, “What if I fail?” it only seems fair to consider all angles: “When I succeed…” 

Conquering my mindset has truly changed my life. Redefining mistakes and weaknesses as opportunities and learning experiences has allowed me to move past mistakes and not be controlled by them. Seeing roadblocks as an integral part of the process, to find that right recipe for success, has been intregal. As I’ve watched this shift in mindset change my own life, I’ve been shocked to see the impact it’s made on those around me as well. Reframing failure to “fail forward,” has given my real estate team the freedom to achieve more, to push in negotiations for our client’s best interest, to write another offer in a competitive seller’s market. Staying consistent in positive behaviors that work and not being deterred by obstacles is key.  

This change in mindset allows us to lead with courage, leading our team out of their comfort zone to achieve at a higher level. That’s the difference between a boss and a leader: a boss orders you out of your comfort zone, while a leader takes you by hand and guides you there.   

Coming from curiosity and realizing we never stop learning makes roadblocks a productive part of the process. Reframing failure as a necessary part of the journey enables the courage to venture outside of our comfort zone to try new avenues, even if they lead to dead ends (i.e. lessons learned). How can we possibly know that isn’t the correct path unless we venture down it? As Thomas Edison once quoted after continuously failing to make the lightbulb work at live showcases for over 4 years: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

PJ Kennedy has been a licensed real estate agent since 2013, helping people in North & South Carolina find their forever home while maximizing their profits. Going above and beyond to provide a luxury experience for all clients, PJ has become a top producer at Keller Williams Realty and the Team Leader of Kennedy Homes of the Carolinas. PJ contributes the team’s success to their passion in helping others and coming from contribution.  

PJ, originally from Winchester, MA, moved to Charlotte in 2007 and fell in love with the city’s vast opportunities, southern hospitality and Lake season! PJ graduated with multiple degrees from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, leading him to find his passion in real estate. Learning about the wealth-building power of real estate, PJ began personally investing in multiple residential and commercial properties. Through years of experience with both personal investments & his clients’, PJ provides strategies to win the contract & maximize profits for his clients. 

PJ has excelled within Keller Williams Leadership. In 2019, he became the CEO/Team Leader of a Charlotte area Keller Williams Market Center and two business centers — overseeing the entire agentbase and growing the company. PJ is an 8-time BOLD Graduate, 2014 CRRA Leadership Academy Graduate, and 2022 Inman Speaker. While PJ has found success in real estate, his true passion lies in helping those around him. After only a year in the real estate business, PJ was already giving back to his community by teaching classes and becoming a Productivity Coach to help other agents build their business. PJ was awarded the Cultural Award in 2016 and received the Team Player Award, voted by his peers at KW Ballantyne, in 2015, 2017 & 2018, & 2021.  

PJ and Kennedy Homes of the Carolinas work together to provide top notch real estate services for their clients. With systems in place and a team of dedicated agents, Kennedy Homes of the Carolinas brings a wealth of knowledge and a stress-free real estate experience!

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