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Winning as a Buyer in Today’s ‘Seller’s Market’

Is the lack of inventory under $350,000 in the local market intimidating and possibly discouraging for many buyers? Absolutely. Should that stop you from buying a home now? Absolutely not. If you have the right agent that is experienced, honest, skilled, strategic, and who truly cares about you, then you can win in this market!



Due to my age and sphere, I have spent most of my career helping first time homebuyers, and I love it! My passion is helping people. Calmly guiding and educating my clients through the process truly helps them make one of the biggest investments of their lives. The vendors that I recommend are all very patient, experienced, and have a genuine concern for the client. As a well-oiled machine, we are able to answer questions in terms that clients understand, and overall, protect their best interests in their homebuying decisions.

Sometimes we come across situations where there are multiple offers on day one, my clients love the home, and when I go to do my “homework” (i.e. pulling comparable options in the area), I find the home is overpriced. This situation is unfortunate, yet I always tell my clients what my concerns are and what their options are, sharing best and worst-case scenarios so that they can make an educated decision. There are so many strategies I can show them within the offer terms to minimize their risk and get them the results they want.

I run a 98% referral-based business, and what my clients often say is that having a professional who was very honest with them, cared about them, and protected and educated them every step of the way was essential. The best advice I can give any buyer in this market is no matter what, hire an agent that will do no less than what I have described.

Lindsey Pegg has been living in Charlotte for most of the last 16 years and helping people buy and sell homes for over 5 years. She is a member of the Pegg Properties Group and specializes in first-time homebuyers and sellers, as well as investor purchases. To contact Lindsey, email lindsey@ peggproperties.com or call her at 704-604-8773. Give Pegg Properties a like on Facebook!

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