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INVESTORS’ CORNER: How to achieve financial security

Do you know what security means?

The word originally comes from two smaller Latin words – se meaning “without” and cure meaning “care.” So, the essence of security is being without care.  It’s a state of mind where you are free from anxiety.1

Entrepreneurship and financial intelligence are the financial “wings” that allow us to fly when landing on life’s boughs that are too slight.

You can have a good job or even a lot of money in the bank, but that alone will not bring you financial security. Good jobs can be lost quickly.  Money invested can lose value quickly.

If you want true financial security, you have to let go of the traditional ideas of how to be secure.  You have to leave the nest and learn how to fly where few others are willing.

If you have a “secure” job, don’t take it easy. Think of yourself as an entrepreneur who hustles and shows up daily to “sell” your valuable service to your employer.  Continue to improve your skills and make yourself so valuable and helpful that your employer can’t help but keep you.

But even with that wise approach to a job, you need more.  You need to start saving money and then learn to invest it wisely. You can and should get advice from others, but learn to be the CFO of your own life. You are the one who depends upon the investments, so you should be educated enough to make intelligent decisions. And at some point, take Robert Kiyosaki’s advice and begin moving to the right side of the Cashflow Quadrant.

The right side of the Quadrant is the realm of business owners (entrepreneurs) and investors.  To HAVE the security and freedom of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors, you have to BECOME a competent entrepreneur and/or investor for yourself.

The good news is that spreading your financial wings like this has been done before. There are examples to follow, like my case studies. There are good books to read, like Cashflow Quadrant.  With financial education, good mentors, and persistence you can achieve financial security and freedom for yourself.

Chad Carson is a member of Metrolina REIA (metrolinareia.org), which provides education, networking, and networking for real estate investing in the Charlotte region.  Chad also writes about real estate, money, and life at coachcarson.com.

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