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INVESTORS’ CORNER: Don’t stop, keep walking

By    Tom Zeeb


Let me tell you a story of business and adventure.

— 2am wake up with 1 hour to eat and prep.

— 3-hour climb to the summit in freezing cold wind and complete darkness seeing only what was revealed by our headlamps.

— 6am at the summit absorbing a fabulous sunrise and a breath-taking view of the volcano, the ridge we had climbed in darkness, and out across the entire island of Lombok, Indonesia.

And then…

A seemingly never-ending 12-hour hike back to civilization. At one point I turned to my friend and gave him a look. He gave me the same look back. “This is getting old, mate. I’m done. And we’ve still got another 5 hours left…” Our legs were burning, and the blisters were numerous and swelling.

Once the mission is accomplished, sometimes the cleanup work remaining is tedious.

But having no choice, we just carried on. After all it could have been worse… The Aussie in our group twisted his ankle and had to limp the whole way out.

The absurdly good looking French girl slipped in a pile of cow dung and stood up covered in it. (You must be absurdly good looking to still look gorgeous covered in cow dung).

And yet there was no way but forward. So, we all just carried on.

Sometimes, there’re parts you just don’t like doing. But you must do them anyways.

That’s just the way it is. You push through these parts because you don’t have a choice.

And you push through because the award of the achievement is worth it.

It’s just like being a real estate investor. * There will be parts you don’t like. * Parts that bore you. * Parts that you have no talent for. But you still must do them.

So, the next time you avoid talking to motivated sellers…

Or the next time you skip doing tedious courthouse research…

Or when you can’t be bothered to make your cold calls to prospects… Just suck it up, push through, and get it done. If the reward is worth it, then you need to just do it.

How? Take one step at a time and don’t stop until you get there. Having a system for the journey will help you. A system to push you, keep you on track, and show you the way forward.

Tom Zeeb is the president of Traction REIA in Washington DC and can be contacted at: https://TractionREIA.com/tom. Tom is a long-time friend of www.MetrolinaREIA.com, and speaks nationwide on Wholesaling.

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