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Parasoleil launches new project design tool

Parasoleil, a Colorado-based award-winning designer and manufacturer of architectural metal panels, has launched a new design tool for architects, designers, and retail customers. Project Creator launched alongside an upgraded website on Monday, offering users an unparalleled ability to customize and design their own panel projects.

“We always strive to provide our customers with the best design and manufacturing abilities available on the market,” says CEO, Uriah Bueller. “Project Creator takes the breadth of our design experience and puts it into the hands of our customers for free. They now have the ability to customize and design their own projects that are still architecturally sound yet fully custom and unique.”

Project Creator allows users to pick from four applications they are designing for: shade, screen, railing, or cladding projects. It then offers material size and thickness recommendations based from the customer’s input on existing structures or those that are in still in-design. The patterns are designed in a larger format to allow the user to crop whatever section is best for their project’s needs, all within Parasoleil pattern development criteria.

“Working with Project Creator has given me a much deeper understanding of our own structural recommendations and a higher level of product knowledge,” says Ashley Eleveld, Marketing Manager. “Before, I would need to turn to the Design Department for advice, but Project Creator has empowered me to get creative and design projects right alongside clients.”

17 proprietary finishes and over 25 patterns can be fully customized in Project Creator. Hardware can be selected depending on application and mounting method using the Parasoleil Bracket System™. Customers can access an instant quote, including tax, shipping, and materials, and either place their order online or save and send to a friend or colleague for specification and review.

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