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Kristey Stewart elected as NAWIC South Atlantic Region Director for 2017-2019

The Durham Chapter of National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is proud to announce the appointment of one of the Chapter’s members as the 2017-2019 National Association of Women in Construction South Atlantic Region (SAR) Director. Recently, Kristey Stewart was recognized for her hard work and dedication to the organization at the 2017 SAR Forum and was voted in as Region Director for the next two years.



NAWIC is an organization created to empower women in the construction industry. Members of NAWIC are business owners and executives, subcontractors, project managers, accountants, estimators and tradeswomen that are employed in the construction trades. Since joining the Durham Chapter of NAWIC in 2012, Kristey has served on both the regional and national level as Professional Development and Education Chair, the regional level for Membership, and at the local level as President. Kristey previously held positions on the Board of Directors and participated in various committees with other Chapters in the Region. She got her NAWIC start in 2001 in the South-East Region with the Tallahassee, Florida Chapter.

“NAWIC has always been passion, and I bought into the values a long time ago. By taking on the role of Region Director for the South Atlantic Region, I hope to help our Chapters reach more women. The Professional Development and Education, the mentoring, the networking, the comradery – you can’t get that anywhere else. There is so much power in this organization. The quote by Margaret Mead says it all: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

With over 20 years working in the construction industry, Kristey has proven leadership skills in the construction field. As Operations Coordinator for Durham-based general contractor Atlantic Corporate Contracting, Kristey’s expertise has been pivotal in transforming the company’s operations and overall productivity. Working with subcontractors, architects, engineers, and clients, Kristey specializes in business operations, project coordination, construction administration, process improvement, community outreach, marketing, and team development to further the success of her company, her partners, and the overall industry.

NAWIC is a nationally renowned association consisting of regional chapters throughout the United States. NAWIC is represented in various countries throughout the World, with International Affiliates in Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. With the core purpose of enhancing the careers of women in the construction industry, NAWIC members adhere to five simple objectives: to unite for the mutual benefit women who are actively employed in various phases of the construction industry; to promote cooperation, fellowship and a better understanding among members of the association; to promote education and contribute to the betterment of the construction industry; to encourage women to pursue and establish their careers in the construction industry; and to provide members an awareness of the legislative process and legislation as it relates to the construction industry.

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