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You better not park a beat-up truck there…

So the cost of living in Charlotte gets you down sometimes.

Could be worse. You could live in Charleston, South Carolina, and could be looking for a place to park your ride.

You could be looking a while, depending on how much cash you have on you.

Here’s an item: A reserved parking space in downtown Charleston is listing for $74,000.

74, with three zeroes behind it.

Domicile Real Estate Brokerage is trying to sell the space on Burns Lane. It went on sale last month, according to The Post and Courier of Charleston.

The firm’s founder, Jennifer Davis, says the costly price tag can be attributed to limited land and high demand for spaces.

“It’s actually becoming more and more rare to find a space list this downtown,” Davis said.

Davis has been selling parking spaces for about six or seven years, but demand – and prices – have increased in recent days.

And a $74K, you’re practically slumming. Davis has four spaces on East Bay Street that go for $98,000 each. 98, with three zeroes behind it.
The Associated Press did the math: The city of Charleston operates more than a dozen garages. Paying the maximum daily rate of $16 for a full year would total nearly $5,500, meaning it would take more than a dozen years to reach the cost of Burns Lane space.

Give Davis the last word: “The parking space absolutely is worth more than most people’s cars.”

– Paul Fletcher, with material from the AP

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