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Stallings tables vote on subdivision

The Stallings Town Council on Monday tabled Meritage Home’s rezoning petition to build 148 single-family homes on 61 vacant acres. The council tabled the vote until its Aug. 8 meeting because two members were absent Monday and they wanted the full board to vote, said Lynne Hair, the town’s planning and zoning administrator.

The property is on the north and south sides of Stevens Mill Road near Blackberry Lane.

Meritage Homes submitted a conditional zoning application that would allow the homes to be built on lots that are 54 feet wide. The land is zoned for homes to be built on lots that are 100 feet wide.

Site plans call for nearly 16.5 acres of open space. That is more than the town requires under its unified development ordinance, which calls for a minimum of 15 percent of the land devoted to open space.

Stallings’ Planning Board voted 4-3 at its June 21 meeting to recommend that the town deny the rezoning.


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