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Harrisburg defers decision on Eastwood townhomes

The Harrisburg Town Council unanimously deferred a decision Monday on Eastwood Homes’ request to rezone 51 acres for a residential subdivision off Roberta Road.

The council, concerned about the potential traffic the project would bring, initially denied the petition but then opted to postpone a decision on the project until September so that the developer could revise its plans.

Eastwood Homes had planned to build 201 townhomes and 57 detached single-family residences on land east of Roberta Road and Carl Palmer Drive. The vacant property is slightly north of the town center.

The Planning Board recommended approval of the petition, with the planning staff saying it is consistent with the Harrisburg Area Plan.

Eastwood Homes sought a change in zoning to residential village with conditional uses from residential low density, conditional light commercial and conditional residential village.

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