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N.C. property tax rates among lowest in nation

Homeowners in North Carolina have lower property tax rates than much of the nation. According to a recent report by CoreLogic, the median property tax in the Tar Heel State is 0.95 percent.

Nationally, the median rate is 1.31 percent, which means that those owning a home valued at $200,000 will, on average, pay annual taxes of $2,620. In North Carolina, homeowners would pay $1,900 in taxes on  the same house.

The total amount can include property taxes paid to multiple agencies within a community. CoreLogic calculated the median overall property tax rate at the national and state level, taking into consideration all taxing and collection entities to provide a complete picture of the cost of owning a home.

Illinois had the highest median rate, at 2.67 percent, while Hawaii touted the lowest, at 0.31 percent.

After Illinois, the highest rates were found in New York, at 2.53 percent; New Hampshire, at 2.40 percent; New Jersey, at 2.37 percent; and Texas, at 2.17 percent.

After Hawaii, the lowest rates were in South Dakota, where homeowners are taxed at 0.38 percent, and Alabama, which has a tax rate of 0.54 percent. Wyoming and Colorado had the next-lowest rates, at 0.65 percent and 0.66 percent, respectively.

Among the 50 states, CoreLogic found that 16 states have a median property tax rate of less than 1 percent, and that 28 states have a rate between 1 percent and 2 percent. Seven states have a rate of more than 2 percent.

The highest rates are seen in the northeast, with Texas being an exception because there are multiple levels of collection in that state. Other than Hawaii, the lowest rates were found in the Rocky Mountain region and in the southeast.

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