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Harrisburg denies industrial-park rezoning

The Harrisburg Town Council voted unanimously Monday to deny a developer’s request to build an industrial park on 133 acres south of Mulberry Road.

The owner of the property, the Lillian Frank Simpson Arthur Trust, requested that the town annex and rezone the tract so it could be graded and developed for industrial use.

The Planning Board voted last month against recommending the proposal. Planning Director Josh Watkins said there were too many questions regarding potential uses for the site, which is surrounded by residential properties to the south. The town’s planning staff found the rezoning request to be inconsistent with the Harrisburg Area Plan.

Site plans for Mulberry Industrial Park called for two 250,000-square-foot buildings and two 125,000-square-foot buildings. The property is about 1,500 feet east of Pharr Mill Road.

The applicant sought a rezoning to general industrial with conditional uses from office institutional district. The requested zoning was for heavy manufacturing and industrial purposes. The rezoning would have permitted mining and extraction to remove dirt from the site for sale during grading.

In other actions, the council deferred a decision on Eastwood Homes’ request to rezone 51 acres for a residential subdivision off Roberta Road.

The council will vote on the proposal May 9, once a traffic impact analysis has been completed.

Eastwood Homes plans to build 201 townhomes and 57 detached single-family residences on land east of Roberta Road and Carl Palmer Drive. The vacant property is slightly north of the town center.

Site plans include a 1.6-acre greenway that the developer will turn over to the town in order to meet public open-space requirements. Housing density would not exceed five units per acre.

The Planning Board has recommended approval of the petition, with the planning staff saying it is consistent with the Harrisburg Area Plan.

Eastwood Homes is seeking a change in zoning to residential village with conditional uses from residential low density, conditional light commercial and conditional residential village.

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