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Marvin to hold public hearing on zoning revision

The village of Marvin has called for a public hearing Feb. 9 on proposed revisions to its subdivision ordinance. The text amendments would create a new category of subdivision that seeks to streamline the rezoning process, according to the Village Planning Board.

The move comes after an applicant sought a change to the village’s definition of a minor subdivision to shorten the process for securing rezoning approval. But that 35-acre project required construction of a new road, which the board did not believe was appropriate for a minor subdivision rezoning. Alternatively, the board proposed adding a rural subdivision to its ordinance that would afford applicants seeking to subdivide tracts greater than 25 acres a less lengthy wait time for approval.

Along with the 25-acre minimum, the proposal says rural subdivisions cannot be subdivided into more than eight lots. Minimum lot sizes must be two acres, and no more than one new road can be built under this classification.

Under the plan, petitioners seeking a rezoning to rural subdivision would not have to follow all the requirements for developments located in large-tract subdivisions, such as Planning Board and Village Council review of sketch plans and final plats. This, the Planning Board said, could speed up the rezoning process by as much as five months.

The public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. at Banks Fellowship Hall. The Village Council has the option of revising the Planning Board’s proposed amendment before voting on whether or not to approve it, said Village Clerk Melody Graham.

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